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About company


The specialists of our company have a huge operational experience throughout North America, Canada, Russia and Germany. During its existence, we have proved as the reliable partner and high-quality supplier. The company was founded in 2005 by and carries out activities, is not only in the sphere of woodworking and metallurgy, but also of the mining, of Agricultural and other industries. At us, you can order equipment for the drying lumber and wood products.


Types of offered equipment


We suggest Your attention, catalog goods for drying wood, depending requirements and operating conditions, You can choose a most suitable model. In stock available microwave vacuum and thermal kiln drying chambers. Also, You can to order components to them, consult an expert concerning the specific use, of choice the particular type chamber. Connect with us call or e-mail, an address listed on the site.


Before you purchase the drying equipment follows spend analysis of timber, which exposed in a drying chamber, for various wood species - various methods for wood processing. Choose most appropriate equipment on our website.


Commissioning of equipment


After selecting the equipment - be it installation, tuning, test run and adjustment of sensors and commissioning. This work is recommended to professionals who can be hired from us. We will carry out all the work and in time, provide a guarantee of completion, possible to conclude a contract for service.


Service maintenance


Dryers are equipped with sensors, automation devices, and appliances. For high-quality, trouble-free operation of the equipment it is recommended to staff that the time to notice the fault, fix the problem in the bud, will setup and alignment precision equipment, check the correct operation of the camera as a whole. In a case of failure, can leave in place a specialist and repair of equipment in the shortest possible time.

Also, in the case of a contract of service, delivery of spare parts master Serviced purchased equipment. Perhaps the conclusion of the contract of service of the equipment, not purchased in our company.

The equipment is quality control of the technical control department of the plant - manufacturer, this is confirmed by the documents supplied. In addition to quality control, warranty card supplied information on certification and other related information.